Azur Lane Daedalian Hymn Roster Completed With Aquila and Abruzzi

Azur Lane - Daedalian Hymn Japanese artwork of Littorio & Vittorio Veneto

The Japanese Spring 2021 Azur Lane livestream has revealed full details about the upcoming new major event. Titled “Daedalian Hymn” in English, this event will add a total of seven new shipgirls to the ever-expanding Azur Lane roster. RN Vittorio Veneto, the leader and flagship of the Italy-inspired Sardegna Empire, is also confirmed among the additions.

Here’s the full list of the new shipgirls and the methods to obtain each of them during the “Daedalian Hymn” event:

  1. RN Torricelli (Elite Submarine, obtainable from total point rewards)
  2. RN Nicoloso da Recco (Elite Destroyer, obtainable from construction)
  3. RN Libeccio (Elite Destroyer, obtainable from construction)
  4. RN Maestrale (Elite Destroyer, obtainable from construction)
  5. RN Aquila (Super Rare Aircraft Carrier, obtainable from construction)
  6. RN Duca degli Abruzzi (Super Rare Light Cruiser, obtainable from construction and point exchange)
  7. RN Vittorio Veneto (Super Rare Battleship, obtainable from construction)

Out of the shipgirls introduced on the stream, two of them were mentioned for the first time. Aquila was one of the two aircraft carriers that Italy tried to construct during World War II. She and Sparviero were never completed due to the September 1943 armistice. Duca degli Abruzzi formed the final sub-class of the Condottieri class. Together with her sister ship Giuseppe Garibaldi, she survived the war and remained in the Italian Navy.

“Daedalian Hymn” will also tease a couple more characters as NPCs. The Navigatori-class destroyer Antoniotto Usodimare and Duca degli Abruzzi’s sister ship will appear exclusively in the event story. A separate mini-event will appear simultaneously with Amagi-chan, a child version of the battlecruiser IJN Amagi, as a reward.

Azur Lane is available on Android and iOS mobile devices. The “Daedalian Hymn” event will run simultaneously in all regions from April 22, 2021 until May 6, 2021.

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