Azur Lane Oratorio Rerun Will Add Maillé Brézé and Le Terrible

Azur Lane Skybound Oratorio rerun adding FFNF Maille Breze and Le Terrible

Yostar revealed Maillé Brézé and Le Terrible as the new shipgirls joining Azur Lane through the upcoming “Skybound Oratorio” event rerun. Both destroyer shipgirls will belong to the Free France-inspired Iris Libre faction. Le Terrible will be a Super Rare shipgirl, while Maillé Brézé will have an Elite rarity.

Maillé Brézé is based on the historical Vauquelin-class destroyer of the same name. She sank while being anchored at a Scottish port due to an accident on April 30, 1940. This event happened a couple of months before France surrendered to Germany in June 1940. That was the reason why the Azur Lane shipgirl belongs to Iris Libre instead of the Vichy France-inspired Vichya Dominion.

Meanwhile, Le Terrible is similarly based on the Le Fantasque-class destroyer. She joined the Free French Navy together with the class lead ship Le Fantasque in late 1942. She survived World War II and continued her service for the French Navy until she got stricken in 1962.

The “Skybound Oratorio” event originally appeared between May and June 2020. It added prominent French shipgirls like the heavy cruiser Algérie, the training cruiser Jeanne d’Arc, and the flagship Richelieu. Le Terrible briefly appeared in the event scenes, while Maillé Brézé will appear for the first time in the upcoming rerun.

The recent new Azur Lane Oratorio shipgirl reveals followed an established pattern where Manjuu, Yongshi, and Yostar would add two new shipgirls in every event rerun. The previous rerun for “Microlayer Medley” in August 2021 added USS Ingraham and Nautilus. The “Swirling Cherry Blossoms” rerun in June 2021 brought in IJN Shirayuki and Kazagumo.

Azur Lane is available worldwide on Android and iOS mobile devices. The “Skybound Oratorio” rerun will commence on October 28, 2021.

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