Azur Lane USS Archerfish Will Appear In Mirror Involution

Azur Lane - SS-311 USS Archerfish

Balao-class submarine SS-311 USS Archerfish will be one of the shipgirls joining the ever-expanding Azur Lane roster through the upcoming “Mirror Involution” event. Based on the historical American ship of the same name, she will belong in the game’s United States-inspired faction, the Eagle Union.

The Japanese Twitter account described the shipgirl as a confident girl who likes everything that looks exciting and trendy. She also has an aspiration to stay in the trends. She gained confidence from her historical achievements.

In history, USS Archerfish was most famously known for taking down the aircraft carrier IJN Shinano in November 1944. As Shinano was a carrier converted from a Yamato-class battleship, it became the largest warship sunk by a submarine. USS Archerfish received a Presidential Unit Citation exactly for this feat. During her final service years in the 1960s, she participated in Operation Sea Scan. The ship studied marine conditions in many regions around the world.

Yostar has also published a teaser anime trailer for “Mirror Involution.” The event will star the shipgirl personification of the Iowa-class battleship USS New Jersey. The submarine USS Archerfish will be one of the characters available exclusively from the Azur Lane event-limited construction gacha. As a Super Rare character, she will have a 2% drop rate, just like the New Orleans-class cruiser USS San Francisco.

The “Mirror Involution” event will run on the Android and iOS mobile game Azur Lane from May 27, 2021, to June 10, 2021.

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