Azur Lane USS New Jersey Will Be an Ultra Rare Shipgirl

Azur Lane - BB-62 USS New Jersey

Iowa-class battleship BB-62 USS New Jersey will appear in Azur Lane through the upcoming third major Eagle Union event. Azur Lane’s English and Japanese Twitter accounts have confirmed the new shipgirl, whose real-life counterpart still exists as a museum ship in Camden, will have the highest Ultra Rare rarity.

USS New Jersey will be the second Ultra Rare shipgirl available through construction gacha pools. First was the Yamato-class carrier IJN Shinano when she debuted at the “Dreamwaker’s Butterfly” event in September 2020. As a reference, Shinano had a low drop rate of 1.2% in the pool. However, a Commander could also obtain her after spending 400 cubes to make 200 attempts.

Manjuu has revealed the full roster for the upcoming Azur Lane Eagle Union event on the game’s Chinese 4th-anniversary stream. Six new shipgirls are included, inspired by American warships that saw action in World War II.

  1. USS Boise – CL-47 Brooklyn-class light cruiser
  2. USS Morrison – DD-560 Fletcher-class destroyer
  3. USS Ticonderoga – CV-14 Essex-class aircraft carrier
  4. USS San Francisco – CA-38 New Orleans-class heavy cruiser
  5. USS Archerfish – SS-311 Balao-class submarine
  6. USS New Jersey – BB-62 Iowa-class battleship

Along with the major event, the stream also revealed a child version of CV-6 USS Enterprise who will be available through a separate event, just like Amagi-chan during the previous “Daedalian Hymn” event. A META version of CL-50 USS Helena was introduced, who will replace Ark Royal META when the new Ashes Showdown season begins on June 10, 2021. CVL-22 USS Independence will also receive a retrofit that gives her a new skill with stat boosts.

As with every other major event, Manjuu and Yostar will sell optional alternate skins for various shipgirls during the event. Illustrators who designed Azur Lane characters are also currently working on oath skins for more shipgirls, such as HMS Ark Royal and IJN Azuma.

Azur Lane is available for iOS and Android devices. A new Eagle Union major event in all regions will run from May 27, 2021, to June 10, 2021.

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