Azur Lane’s New Event Will Feature Vichyan Cruiser Foch

Azur Lane - Vichya heavy cruiser shipgirl MNF Foch

Yostar has revealed the Suffren-class cruiser Foch as a new shipgirl that will appear in an upcoming Azur Lane event. Manjuu and Yongshi categorize her as a heavy cruiser with an Elite rarity.

The official Japanese tweet described the Azur Lane personification of Foch as having a cheerful and open-minded personality. Once recruited, she will support the Commander together with Algérie and other shipgirls from the Vichyan fleet.

Historically, Foch appeared as the third of four Suffren-class cruisers. Launched in June 1928, she went into service for Marine Nationale in 1931. Foch was one of the many warships that Vichy France scuttled at Toulon in November 1942. As Foch did not join Free France and sunk while under Vichy’s control, she will belong to the Vichya Dominion faction in Azur Lane.

Foch will appear as a reward from a new event and limited construction pool. When a shipgirl is available through both methods, it is possible for players to obtain her without spending many cubes for construction gacha.

The new event will replace the “Skybound Oratorio” rerun, set to end after the maintenance on November 11, 2021. The most recent major event rerun added destroyers Maillé Brézé and Le Terrible. Both of them belong to the Free France-inspired faction, Iris Libre.

Azur Lane is immediately available worldwide on Android and iOS mobile devices.

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