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Bandai Namco Goes Over God Eater Resurrection Hunting Tips




Ahead of God Eater Resurrection’s June 28, 2016 launch in North America, Bandai Namco has taken to the PlayStation Blog to offer some hints for hunting down Aragami in the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita game. Each one is a rather basic, but helpful, tip for staying successful when going after what can be large and intimidating beasts.


Quite a bit of the article goes over enemy weaknesses. Every Aragami has break points and weaknesses. God Eater Resurrection’s early missions will tell you which kind of weapons to bring in to the fight, so you’ll know if the opponents are weak against blaze, crush, divine, freeze, pierce, spark, or sunder attacks. Though, after a while, you’ll need to do your own research before heading into a fight. The same goes for Aragami’s parts. Targeting matters. Enemies’ break points are the weakest parts of their bodies, and these will change in appearance as you deal more damage to show that your attacks are working. This also ties into the attack types above, as the same Aragami may be vulnerable to certain elements in one place, but not another.


The other God Eater Resurrection tips have to do with equipment. While Bandai Namco briefly recommends medium-sized Shields, with their Advanced Guard, unless you’re using a Buster Blade that’d go well with a Tower shield, much of the advice has to do with the guns characters can use. Assault, Blast, and Sniper Guns are available in-game, as are Bomb, Laser, Radial and Shot bullets. Assault Guns are all-purpose and work with all bullets without any detrimental side effects. Blast Guns are designed to work with Bomb and Radial bullets, as they have lower Oracle Point costs and higher damage for these kinds of ammunition. Other bullets deal less damage when used by a Blast Gun. Sniper Guns are designed to work with Laser bullets, which means a lower OP cost for that ammunition and higher damage dealt.


The bullets were also detailed in the article. Shots are basic bullets with a sunder effect, Bomb and Radial ammunition are strongest and hit an area, and Lasers have a piercing effect that can hit multiple targets. You can mod bullets, with up to eight possible for each one. Standard mods affect the level and kind of damage dealt, though you can also apply deco shots that modify the appearance of a fired bullet.


Finally, God Eater Resurrection is part of a pre-order promotion on the PlayStation Store in North America. People who pre-order the PlayStation 4 version of God Eater 2 get God Eater Resurrection for free.


God Eater Resurrection will come to the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita in Europe on August 30, 2016 and will arrive on PCs in North America and Europe on August 30, 2016.

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