Batman: Arkham Origins takes place several years prior to Arkham Asylum. The game takes place in Gotham City on Christmas Eve, where eight of the deadliest assassins have gathered to try and kill Batman. Black Mask is the game’s major villain, although others such as the Penguin will make an appearance, too.


Since the game takes place early on in Batman’s career—it’s been described as a “Year Two” story—Arkham Origins’ Batman will be less than perfect, say the game’s developers in a video developer diary on You’ll see him make mistakes like, for example, maybe choking a suspect during interrogation until he passes out. The game is, in part, inspired by the Batman: Year One comic, even though it isn’t an origin story.


“He’s going to have to transition from this rough-around-the-edges, less polished, younger Batman to the well-oiled machine we know from Arkham City and Arkham Asylum,” says the game’s narrative director/writer, Dooma Wendschuh.


“Because keep in mind, up until now, he’s been dealing with the Maronis and Falconis and mob bosses and petty criminals; and the assassins are just on a whole different level of difficulty.”


Going up against these assassins that give him a run for his money will change how Batman sees himself, and will help drive character growth, adds creative director Eric Holmes. This early period in Batman’s career will also show the formation of key relationships in his life. For instance, Alfred and Bruce’s relationship is still forming. Bruce sees Alfred as an overbearing parental figure while Alfred sees Bruce as a spoilt kid squandering his deceased parents’ wealth on his Batman escapades.


You can watch the full development diary with more information at the link to above.

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