Become A Badass Female Cop In Sci-Fi Comic Book / Combat Racer Hybrid SXPD



Little Chicken has released its combat racing / comic book hybrid SXPD on Android following its arrival on iOS earlier this year.


The game’s events take place in a twisted sci-fi future, specifically the violent 52nd state of America, New Royale, which is privately owned and policed heavily according to Mephistopheles’s Law.


You play a member of an elite all-women police force in tight black suits, each of them with a name, or even the slightest degree of compassion.



The game tells its story as a digital comic book does, you swiping and reading through the 42 pages, but every so often you leap into a first-person view behind a hover bike, blasting your front guns.


As you’re reading, you can usually tell when one of the chase scenes—which all the playable levels are—is about to come up. Either the dangerous gang of Obeah Dolls is causing trouble, or you’re dealing with the greater threat in the punk-terrorist organization The Secret Order of the Black Seraphim.


If you haven’t already, you really need to watch the video above as you can see how the game’s slick black-and-white art style looks in motion. You can purchase SXPD for $1.99.

Chris Priestman