Bemani Piano Game Nostalgia Is Now Available on PCs

Bemani piano game Nostalgia on PC

Konami Amusement released a PC version of its arcade piano rhythm game Nostalgia on February 1, 2021. The game is available through the Konami Amusement Game Station platform. [Thanks, 4Gamer!]

The PC version of Nostalgia supports not only regular keyboards, but also MIDI keyboards. Players can also alter the keyboard assignments for the notes to their own liking. Konami will regularly update it by adding more songs in the future. A monthly Basic Course subscription of 1,628 yen (~$15.50) is required to fully access every piece of content in the game.

Nostalgia is a piano-based rhythm game available on arcades. Konami launched its first iteration in 2017. The arcade game still exists to this day, with Nostalgia Op.3 being its latest version.

The addition of Nostalgia to Konami Station also means that almost all ongoing Bemani rhythm arcade games are now accounted for on PC and mobile platforms. Konami previously added GitadoraPop’n MusicSound Voltex, and Beatmania IIDX to Konami Station. It also held an open alpha test for Dance Dance Revolution on the same platform.

The Bemani games with touchscreen-based controls like jubeat and Reflec Beat are also available on Android and iOS devices. The only active title yet to appear outside arcades to date is Dancerush Stardom, a dancing rhythm game that utilizes an LED-layered sensor panel in lieu of directional pads.

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