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Best Switch Otome Games That Do (and Don’t) Include Visual Novel Elements


Here’s something I never thought I’d type back in the early 2000s: there are so many otome games available in English! Over the years, companies seemed to realize they’re viable and would sell. Which is great for us, as it means more adventures to enjoy and virtual folks to romance. That might also make it a bit difficult to decide which games to buy, however, as they are a ton out there. So, as part of Siliconera’s game recommendation series, we decided to go through some of the “best” Switch otome games we’d recommend across various specific categories, as a jumping-off point. Keep in mind there are many, many great games on the platform, and these are just a way to get started.

cafe enchante switch otome visual novel

Best Switch Otome Game with a Slice of Life Vibe: Cafe Enchante

I suppose we could also call this one the best Switch otome game with supernatural love interests, but part of what makes Cafe Enchante so fun and soothing is how ordinary it can feel in spite of that. Some drama does come up in different routes as you learn more about bachelors’ respective realms. But there’s still a generally cozy vibe, which is lovely.

Persona 3 Portable Differences Between Male and Female Protagonists

Best Switch Otome with RPG Elements: Persona 3 Portable

Yes, Persona 3 Portable qualifies thanks to almost all of those new, lovely social links for a female protagonist. (We don’t talk about Ken.) Getting closer to people like Akihiko and Shinji as you try to fight the shadows and uncover Tartarus’ mysteries is a genuinely good time.

Best Switch Otome Games Rune Factory 4 Special

Best Switch Otome Game with Farming Elements: Rune Factory 4 Special

There are honestly a lot of great Story of Seasons games on the Switch that are fun, but there’s something special about Rune Factory 4 Special. The cast of bachelors is amazing. Farming is intuitive. You do have the RPG elements here too, if you want them. Plus, you could spend months playing. 

However, even with its issues, I’d say Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town is a close “second.”

nintendo switch otome games code realize

Best Switch Otome Game Port: Code:Realize Guardian of Rebirth

Okay, let’s be clear. Idea Factory has a habit of rereleasing a ton of its otome games on every platform ever. Look at Hakuoki. This also happened a lot with Code:Realize Guardian of Rebirth, but it’s such a strong story with amazing, supernatural characters that it feels a little less like a cash grab when it happens.

Review: Variable Barricade is a Great Romantic Comedy Best Switch Otome Game

Best Switch Otome Game with Bachelors that are a Little Hopeless: Variable Barricade

There are a few Switch otome games out there with guys who aren’t all “there.” Like they have some serious personality issues. Cupid Parasite is fine and all, but Variable Barricade offers some dudes who are a little bit hopeless, but without getting to be overly obnoxious or annoying. Plus, you have the mechanic where you determine if you let love in or not.

best switch otome games

Best Switch Otome Game with Historical Elements: Birushana: Rising Flower of Genpei

There are quite a few otome games that get historical, and Birushana is one of them! It’s set during the Heian period, with players going through the Heiji rebellion and finding love. The characters are fantastic, there’s some cool “battle” art, and Noritsune Taira is fantastic.

Anastasia Lynzel Even if Tempest

Best Switch Otome Game with Investigation Elements: Even If Tempest

Yes, there are a few Switch games with otome elements and detective or investigation themes. I think Even If Tempest, even with its errors, is probably the most engaging one. The fact that you’re trying to uncover who is trying to sabotage you, while also keep from dying and finding love, is really compelling. It’s an enjoyable game.

boyfriend dungeon review seven

Best Switch Otome with Roguelike Elements: Boyfriend Dungeon

Questionable stalker aside, Boyfriend Dungeon is a great game to pick up and play in short bursts. Also, because of its design, you can romance every weapon/love interest in a single route. Not to mention in August 2022, even more romance options appeared in a free update.

Best Switch Otome We’ll Probably Never See Localized: Tokimeki Memorial Girl’s Side 4th Heart

Okay, I honestly have faith that eventually Koei Tecmo will see the trends and localize a Ruby Party game. Or maybe they will allow some other company to do so. Which means we’re going to fall back on the failsafe. Sad as it may be, I doubt we’ll ever see Konami step up and localize a Tokimeki Memorial Girl’s Side game. As annoying as all the DLC in 4th Heart is, it’s still quite a fun life-sim and dating sim, and it’s sad we’ll never see it.

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