Black Desert’s Final Closed Beta Test Will Happen In September



We’ve got the teaser site now for those frothing for any chance to try and get in on Pearl Abyss’s MMORPG Black Desert.


The game’s final closed beta will be taking in applications at the teaser link from the 2nd of September, with the actual closed beta to happen later that month. The closed beta test will also test out hybrid housing.


Fansite BlackDesert also posted a rundown of all the news that’s known, including the note that the open beta will start from November and will be IP-blocked. There’s also word that an in-game alliance system isn’t planned for the game, so if you do an allied siege together err… be careful where you swing?


They also have the confirmation that the game is gunning for an early 2016 release date.


Black Desert is slated for PC, with a closed beta in September and open beta in November. A Western release has also been confirmed, with Daum as publisher. No date has been set for the Western release yet.