Leap of Fate’s dystopic vision of our future is one that we’ve seen before in many cyberpunk universes. But it’s not quite as often that you get to be a powerful mage tearing through a twisted version of New York inside this vision.


This is an isometric action game with four playable characters. There’s Aeon, the shadow mage; Big Mo, the technomancer; Mukai, the spirit channeler; and Rasimov, the rogue occultist. They’re all devastating in their attacks but the game is against them.


Yep, Leap of Fate gives you only one life per go as you guide your chosen character through the city to find an arcane temple. There’s no health regeneration either. Luckily, there are randomly generated upgrades you can make use of during your blast across New York.


There are 25 upgrades each across four categories, which are: mobility skills, passive skills, attack skills, and equippable glyphs. You can combine all of these to create devastating magical attacks. And you’re going to need it if you’re to survive.


Leap of Fate is currently on Steam Greenlight with a view to arrive on PC in mid-2015. It will also be coming to iOS and Android.

Chris Priestman

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