Blue Exorcist: Damned Chord is Cancelled but a New Mobile MMO Will Take its Place

Blue Exorcist: Damned Chord mobile MMORPG

Aniplex announced that development for its smartphone game Blue Exorcist: Damned Chord has been cancelled. However, the company announced that a new Blue Exorcist MMORPG project is already underway for smartphones to take its place.

Blue Exorcist: Damned Chord was originally expected to release for smartphones after a delay. However, the developers decided that the mobile game did not reach the level of quality they were aiming for, and made the tough decision to scrap it instead. The team shared an apology on the official website for troubling those who waited for the game.

Blue Exorcist: Damned Chord mobile MMORPG

The message also included the announcement of a new Blue Exorcist MMORPG project. So far we don’t have any details about the game, but Aniplex aims to deliver something more fun with the Blue Exorcist MMORPG. More information on the new project will be available on the official website at a later date.

Aniplex will also announce early-registration details for the new project in the near future. The company apologized again to those who registered early for Blue Exorcist: Damned Chord, but hope they will check out the new project.

All trailers and radio programs related to Damned Chord will be removed from YouTube on November 30, 2020.

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