Blue Protocol Character Creation New Features and Ally NPCs Detailed

Blue Protocol character creation

More details on the Japanese online action RPG Blue Protocol, including ally NPCs and more features in the character creation system, were revealed at a new livestream held by Bandai Namco on October 12, 2020. [Thanks, 4Gamer!]

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The main highlight among the new details revealed at the latest stream is the character creation system. Many more features have been added to this system, compared to the last closed beta test. The system allows you to make even more detailed edits to your character’s face, such as the eye corner angle and the thickness for eyebrows and eyelashes. You can even set eye colors in great detail for right and left eyes separately.

The character creation mode will also include a lighting check that shows how the character will look like in the day and at night, respectively. There will be a physics check mode added as well, where you can see how the character’s hair—as well as breasts for females—will move based on gravity. The game will also have more aesthetic features that personalize the character even further with cosmetics and decorations.

Other than the character creation system, the livestream also revealed that Blue Protocol will have ally NPCs that will help newcomers progress through the game. They are controlled automatically by AI and will support players in battles. There will be numerous ally NPCs; one of the available NPCs shown in the stream is Jake. However, Bandai Namco still cannot unveil other NPCs yet due to story spoilers.

More changes to Blue Protocol have also been made since the closed beta test. While players had to choose between two patterns for class skills in the CBT, the stream revealed that everyone will be able to set any skills as they wish in the full release. Another feature added here is for showing outlines of characters and enemies that are obstructed from the camera view.

Bandai Namco also revealed a new desert town called Salamzart Oasis that will have its own map. At the end of the stream, the team teased that there will be more classes added upon the game’s release.

Blue Protocol is currently under development for PC. A matchmaking stress test is currently scheduled to be held on November 7, 2020, at 19:00-22:00 JST. However, the test will be available only to people who are residing in Japan.

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