Blue Protocol Shares A Glimpse Of Its Character Creation, And Yes, It Has A Breast Slider



    We recently got to check out Bandai Namco’s new MMO action RPG called Blue Protocol, but what we didn’t see was its character creation system, so here’s a glimpse from Bandai Namco.


    The above is a glimpse at Blue Protocol’s character creation system. Keep in mind that this is from the alpha test version, so it is basically the earliest build that has been revealed so far. It appears to have a couple preset body types for both male and female characters. They both also have sliders for height as well as the body build that makes it more slender on one end and thicker on the other. Female characters have a breast slider as an extra option.


    In the face options, there are options for face types, eyes, lips, nose, mouth, cheek paint, and plenty more so it looks like players will have some decent options in that department.


    Blue Protocol is in development for PC. Check out details and screenshots in our previous report.

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