Blue Protocol’s Closed Beta Test Main Scenario Was Cleared by 72% of its Players

Blue Protocol Closed Beta Test Feedback (Feste)

Bandai Namco hosted a closed beta test for its upcoming MMORPG Blue Protocol, and we got a look at an interesting feedback report from the players.

The report contains data from the Blue Protocol closed beta test that took place from April 23, 2020 to April 27, 2020. It gives us an idea about the types of settings used, how far the players progressed, opinions about the gameplay controls, and more.

Here are some highlights from the Blue Protocol closed beta test player feedback:

Which graphics settings did you use?

Blue Protocol Closed Beta Test Feedback

  • Highest Resolution – 59.6%
  • High resolution – 19.5%
  • Medium resolution – 12.7%
  • Low resolution – 8.2%

The low resolution setting was implemented in this closed beta test. However, close to 60% of the players played on the highest resolution setting, showing that most were using higher-end PCs.

How far did you get in the main scenario?

Blue Protocol Closed Beta Test FeedbackAn impressive 71.9% of the players played until the very end of the closed beta main scenario. The rest of the points are from various parts of the closed beta, with the part in gray with 2.3% being “up until the adventurer registration part” which sounds like the very beginning.

Who was your favorite character that appears in the main scenario? (Multiple answers are fine)

Blue Protocol Closed Beta Test Feedback

  • Feste – 54.8%
  • Jake – 17.0%
  • Einrain – 11.2%
  • Tyris – 17.2%
  • Aerinse – 20.1%
  • Other – 22.2%

How many players did you take on dungeons with?

Blue Protocol Closed Beta Test Feedback

  • 1 Player – 44. 7%
  • 2 Players – 13.5%
  • 3 Players – 6.2%
  • 4 Players – 5.0 %
  • 5 Players – 1.5%
  • 6 Players – 29.1%

It’s worth noting that the solo play 1-player option was added for the scenario dungeons in this closed beta test. The main way to go about it is with six players, but feedback shows that many players also played in pairs or duos with 13.5% of the mix.

How many classes did you try?

Blue Protocol Closed Beta Test Feedback

  • One class – 60.7%
  • Two classes – 25.9%
  • Three classes – 5.9%
  • Four classes – 7.5%

Which class did you play the most?

Blue Protocol Closed Beta Test Feedback

  • Aegis Fighter (Sword & Shield) – 27.7%
  • Twin Striker (Axe) – 23.6%
  • Blast Archer (Bow) – 25.1%
  • Spellcaster (Magic) – 23.6%

The Aegis Fighter was once again the most played class, the same as it was during the closed alpha test. This time around, the Twin Striker saw a boost in players which brought it close to an even quarter for all four classes.

What level was your highest class?

Blue Protocol Closed Beta Test FeedbackAs you can see, players didn’t have much trouble reaching the level cap of the closed beta test, which was set to Lv. 35, with 22.2% players reaching the cap. The developers noted that they saw an improvement in the level progress rate compared to before.

What did you think about the number of keys needed for gameplay?

Blue Protocol Closed Beta Test Feedback

  • Too many keys – 1.9%
  • Quite a lot of keys – 10.4%
  • About normal – 62.9%
  • Only a few keys – 18.7%
  • Not enough keys – 6.1%

What were your thoughts on the controls?

Blue Protocol Closed Beta Test Feedback

  • Very easy to control – 11.0%
  • Normal – 25.6%
  • Rather difficult to control – 24.9%
  • Rather easy to control – 31.3%
  • Very difficult to control – 7.2%

As it turns out, most of the results for the gameplay controls weren’t too different from what Bandai Namco got from the closed alpha test players. While many players come from various backgrounds with different preferences in game types and action intensity. However, this time around there was an increase in those who felt that Blue Protocol was “rather difficult to control” with 24.9% of those who participated. With that said, the developers are currently analyzing the situation to work on adjustments.

Blue Protocol is in development for PC. Check our previous report for more impressions from the closed beta test, including more on the four starting classes that it offers.

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