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Blue Reflection Goes Sailor Moon With Magical Girl Transformations



Gust recently revealed Blue Reflection, an upcoming PS4 and PS Vita title labeled as a “Heroic RPG” with character designs by Mel Kishida. The latest details and screenshots tell us more about the game.


Blue Reflection is set in a modern day Japanese school. With social media and smartphones, newer communication methods have been introduced to people. However, regardless of the era, the interaction between people never changes. “No matter how small one may feel, by holding one’s hand, you can bring one great power and happiness.” Blue Reflection: Sword of Girl Dancing in illusion has the theme of  human essence and bond that will tell a story as large as life itself from the youth of the girls in the “Heroic RPG.”



The concept of Blue Reflection is about the interaction between the girls. In high school years, everyone experiences fun times, joy, sweet and sour moments, anxieties, and fear. The protagonist will go through such experiences as she connects with numerous girls. She’ll get close to friends, cry for others, and occasionally get into quarrels. As she connects hearts with others, the protagonist will mature, and acquire the strength of reassurance from the power of friendship, and become stronger as a person.


Hinako Shirai (CV: Yuki Takada)

A ballet dancer who previously had big expectations.

Height: 158cm

Weight: 44kg

Likes: Classical Music


The protagonist of Blue Reflection. A year prior, she was supposed to compete in a ballet competition that took place overseas, which would’ve been her gateway to success. After injuring her foot she was forced to give it up. Due to this, she hasn’t been able to dance ballet, and has closed off her heart; however, her body and heart never forgot about the days, weeks, and years of lessons, and she continues believing that her foot will heal one day.


Yuzuki Shijou (CV: Marika Kouno)

Innocent cheerful girl.

Height: 147cm

Weight: 37kg

Likes: Chocolate


One of the mysterious girls that gives Hinako the power of a Reflector. A few days after their encounter, she suddenly shows up at the same school as a transfer student. She’s exceptionally cheerful and has the humor to go with it, and has a personality that can be liked by just about anyone. She also specializes at one-liner jokes. She barely met Hinako, but thinks of her before anyone.


Raimu Shijou (CV: Sawako Hata)

A realistic girl who follows the principle of result.

Height: 146cm

Weight: 36kg

Likes: Marshmallows


One of the mysterious girls that gives Hinako the power of a Reflector. She’s in the same school year as her sister Yuzuki. Unlike her sister, she has an efficiency-first mindset, and puts the feeling of others before her own. However, the way she places importance in Hinako is the same as her sister.



The stage is set in Hoshinomiya Girls’ High School. You’ll attend classes, have conversations during breaks, and go out after school. The classmates that enjoy such everyday high school lives are fortunate to enjoy such happiness. Hinako secretly holds such thoughts in secret, but her everyday life is different from those of the other students.



She only has one wish, for her “foot to heal and be able to dance ballet again.” Dancing ballet was what Hinako considered a normal everyday, and not being able to do so has practically made her heart a shell of its former self.



All kinds of different female students attend Hoshinomiya Girls’ High School that Hinako attends. Some are into their studies while others are all about their clubs. Some of them are about self-improvement while others are about having fun. As you meet all kinds of girls, you’ll hear out their problems,  spend break time together, and hang out after school while Hinako’s heart slowly changes after communicating.


Here’s a look at some of the girls:


Ako Ichinose

Likes: Money




Chihiro Inoue

Likes: Flowers




Yuri Saiki

Likes: Thinking about things




Rin Sanada

Likes: Going out





Shihori Sugamoto

Likes: Accessories




Shio Taya

Likes: Music




Kei Narumiya

Likes: Sports




Sanae Nishida

Likes: Cooking




Mao Ninagawa

Likes: Training



Kaori Mitsui

Likes: Clothing




Sarasa Morikawa

Likes: Dancing




Rika Yoshimura

Likes: Running



One day, Hinako meets Yuzuki and Raimu in the middle of another boring day. Upon meeting them, she acquires a mysterious power.



From then, Hinako’s everyday school life changes greatly.



Hinako gains magical powers after meeting Yuzuki and Raimu. This is a power to transform into a magical girl, known as “Reflector.” What are Reflectors? Who do they fight? Why do they fight? Hinako isn’t sure why she received the power, but she’ll continue fighting while being led by Yuzuki and Raimu.



As Hinako continues fighting as a Reflector, the reason why she’s fighting and who she’s fighting doesn’t matter to her. The reason is because she can freely move her body thanks to the magical powers. Whether she’s attacked by overwhelming menaces or anxieties, she’ll continue fighting as a Reflector because it may heal her foot. Perhaps she’ll be able to dance once again. The only reason she continues fighting as a Reflector is to make her wish come true.




However, as the fights carry on, she slowly starts to notice things. She asks herself what she’s fighting and why she’s fighting. What will happen to the world as she continues fighting as a Reflector?




Blue Reflection is in development for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. A release date has yet to be announced.

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