Blue Reflection Sun Release Date Set for Late February 2023

Blue Reflection Sun release date

Blue Reflection Sun will debut next week. According to DMM Games and Koei Tecmo, the release date of Blue Reflection Sun is set for February 21, 2023. A pre-registration campaign is ongoing, and has passed the 300,000 pre-registrant milestone. [Thanks, Famitsu!]

To commemorate the release date confirmation, DMM Games uploaded a special promo video featuring Blue Reflection Sun characters. The video is set to the song “Clockworks” by performers syudou and Mafumafu.

Developed as a collaboration between DMM, Koei Tecmo and artist Mel Kishida, Blue Reflection Sun (also known as Blue Reflection Sun/San) is related to the Blue Reflection console and PC RPG series. The story follows the students of Hinomori Academy, who survived the advent of “Ash,” a mysterious phenomenon that caused diseases in the populace and triggered the appearance of monsters called “Testa”. Ash also prompted the emergence of special powers in certain people, such as heroine Shiho Kasuga. Shiho and other “Eroded” humans manifest their special powers and fight against the Testa to secure a future for humanity. Unlike other games in the Blue Reflection series, upon release, Blue Reflection Sun will feature a male protagonist, in the form of the player character.

As the ongoing pre-registration campaign has passed the 300,000-user milestone, all players of Blue Reflection Sun on release will receive 3,000 “Wish Stones”, 3 UR-rarity Flag Cards, Skip Tickets, and a selection of character enhancement materials.

Blue Reflection Sun will go live in Japan on February 21, 2023. It will be available on the Japanese iOS and Google Play stores. International release plans have not yet been detailed. Other games in the Blue Reflection series are available on the Nintendo Switch, PS4, and PC.

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