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Brave Neptunia Releases September 27 In Japan For PS4, Gets Some Character And Story Details



We just got a first look at Brave Neptunia, and info from this week’s issue of Dengeki PlayStation has surfaced with some details on its characters and an interview with key developers. [Thanks, Ryokutya2089.]


Here are some notes on the characters:

  • Chrom (CV: ???): A mysterious woman that Neptune meets in this world.
  • Neptune, Noire, Blanc, and Vert (all 4 have4 lost their memories).
  • Hakukei Tobi (CV: Yoko Hikasa)
  • Mai Kamimura (CV: Ellen Taira)
  • Surara Ideta (CV: Tomoko Kaneda):  Repeats the end of words like “-hoyoyo” or “-dayodayo.”
  • Histoire is a book.


Here are some tidbits from the interview with the developers:


  • In the first trailer, I didn’t think we’d have people doubting “how much of it is true?!” [laughs]
  • The setting is Gamindustri.
  • The four that lost their memories will start with the relationship of their first meeting.
  • The dungeons are 2D, but it won’t be just a straight road, and there are points that will let you move in depth, kind of like a maze.
  • The scenario might be more lax and lighthearted than ever.


Brave Neptunia releases in Japan on September 27, 2018 priced at 7,200 yen. It’ll come with a limited edition version for 9,700 yen including an artbook, soundtrack, and theme.

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