Bravely Makers’ Smartphone RPG Goes With A Traditional RPG Approach



Bravely series makers Silicon Studio just wrapped up with the development of Bravely Second, but they’ve also been working on smaller projects on the side, such as Grand Sphere: The Queen of Destiny and the Dragon Knight. The game’s first trailer shows us what it looks like.



Grand Sphere takes place in Asturm, a world where demi-humans, fairies, and other creatures roam the lands alongside humans. All life on this planet contains a power called “Sphere” within it.


There are some with exceptional powers called the “Grand Sphere,” who are there to help everyone of Asturm. After Queen Stella of the Telan Kingdom visited the Holy Land of Lunacis, the fate of the world greatly changed.


This marks the beginning of your adventure as a Grand Sphere.


The battle system is called the “Sphere Command Battle,” where you’ll set units to press and attack monsters. There are co-op battles where up to four players can team up together in real-time, for a chance to take down “Bounty Bosses”.


There are over 150 different units that you’ll get to choose from in order to make your very own party that fits your playstyle. Grand Sphere was made to be more of a traditional RPG that focuses on story, where you’ll face all kinds of powerful bosses throughout your journey.


Grand Sphere will launch in Japan sometime in 2015 for iPhone and Android.

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