Brawler Lost Saga Adds A Demon Thief Character, Rebalances Older Ones



Lost Saga’s latest update adds a new character, the Demon Thief. The free-form brawler game shows off the sneaky character, who plays with close-in skills that deal status effects on foes.


The large update also rebalances many heroes, with full patch notes on which get changed here. Other balances include changing how skill gauges work at the start of battle, altering dungeon balance and rewards and so forth.


Also, the game does allow you to have gender-swapped versions of most of their heroes if you so desire. This includes the various collaborative heroes we’ve covered before. Rule 34 of the Internet is in force here.


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Above, you can see shots of Iori Yagami, Sol Badguy, Rachel Alucard and Jin Kisaragi both in their normal genders and opposite genders.


Lost Saga is out now for PC.