Breach TD: A MOBA, Tower Defense And Card Game All Rolled Into One


Breach TD is an upcoming cross-platform game by Space Rhino Games, and will be a blend of MOBA, tower-defense, and card game-styled gameplay. Recently, I talked with Michael Hoyos, the CEO of the Puerto Rico–based Space Rhino to hear what he had to say about the game.


The gameplay of Breach TD is actually very unique, even though it combines three basic genres—MOBA, tower defense, and card-games. The main idea of Breach TD is to protect your base while simultaneously taking over the enemy’s base. Sounds simple, until you find out that Breach TD is actually a three-on-three team-based game.


“The way the three-on-three works is this: you have your Team A and your Team B. Each player has their own lane,” Hoyos explained. “As a player, you only have to worry about your direct lane opponent, and each player has their own personal opponent. And [while] you’re only able to go offensive against your direct opponent, you can go defensive with all of your allies—you can help all of them out. We do that to inspire team play.”


Basically, Breach TD is a “1v1 matchup in a 3v3 format,” Hoyos says. The idea is fairly unique, and certainly interesting, and the way the combat works definitely caters to the way the team matchups will play out.


Breach TD plays mainly like a tower-defense game in the sense that players buy moveable guardians and place them around the map. Each guardian possess a unique set of upgradable skills. The guardians work as a player’s defense against the waves of enemies. Enemies can come from both other players on the opposing team, or from the Void, a mystical area where AI monsters crawl out of.


Void monsters can come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Each wave of Void monsters will get progressively stronger. On every 5th wave, a mini-boss will have to be defeated, while a boss will show up every tenth round.


“The initial bosses that we are planning for—obviously they are from the Void. We are going to stick to an alien-looky creature feel,” says Hoyos. “We have this sort of alieny-looking thing that is sort of floating, but then he has two devil dogs that are like fire in front of him. The challenge here will be that the dogs are like tanks.”


So the dogs will have to be defeated before the alien boss himself is actually defeated. Boss battles won’t be easy, and players will need to make sure they plan accordingly for them before they happen.


Each match in Breach TD is divided up into two main phases—the Building Phase and The Combat Phase. The building phase is where players can buy and place guardian units. Players will also be able to upgrade their economic capabilities, which involves using gold, which is used to buy and upgrade guardians, and plasma, which is used to send Rift attacks. A Rift attack is when a player sends units into his or her enemy’s lane.


In the combat mode, waves of enemies try to attack your base. Guardians will move around the map in order to stop them. Relics may also be used in the phase.


Relics are one of the cooler aspects of Breach TD. Basically, Relics are battle cards that aid you in battle. They can either be defensive or aggressive. Defensive Relics might “give your units a shield, or heal them up a little bit”, while aggressive Relics might summon a storm of meteors or shoot lightning. Players get to choose from a variety of Relics before each match that can be used at any time, and will be able to “mess with their opponents cards” during the game. For example, “if they send a Rift attack, then maybe you can send that Rift attack back, so end up with double the amount of enemies.”


Breach TD has successfully been funded on Kickstarter, and will be available this summer for PC (Steam), iOS and Android.