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Brigandine: The Legend of Runersia Introduces The Themes Of Four Of Its Six Factions


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Over the course of the past week, Happinet has been releasing videos introducing four of the six factions you can join and help conquer the world with in Brigandine: The Legend of Runersia.


As previously mentioned, the latest Brigandine game is set in Runersia 781, and involves heroes who have Brigandine armor, spread across six factions that are warring across the continent. The ones that were introduced this time includes the Norzaleo Kingdom, Republic of Guimoule, Shinobi Tribe, and the Mana Saleesia Theocracy.


Check out the videos below:

Norzaleo Kingdom

The kingdom is on a large island northwest of the continent.
Established by the hero Adessa donning the Brigandine of Justice, the nation likewise values justice and hard work.
The kingdom’s textile spinning technology boosted its strength until it was on equal standing with major countries of the mainland.
The kingdom has been in conflict with the Holy Gustava Empire ever since the “Gustava Incident”.


Republic of Guimoule

Established by Mohana Carradine after embedding the five Mana Stones into the continent in a “Mana Release”, it is the self-proclaimed birthplace of Rune Knights, housing the Brigandine of Glory.
When the former Rune God faith splintered into two factions – Republic of Guimoule’s Mohana sect and Mana Saleesia Theocracy’s Zai sect – a “Mana Stone 30 Years War” erupted.
This scourge in turn triggers a new war on the continent.


Shinobi Tribe

Occupying the deep forest fortress of the former Hazamu Nation, this tribe has chosen a path of self-rule by only women.
While using Shinobi magic to work as spies or mercenaries for other countries to support themselves, they crave the day when they will be truly free from the influences of major nations.
Infusing this wish into the Brigandine passed down from generation to generation in the village, the tribe calls it the Brigandine of Freedom.


Mana Saleesia Theocracy

The foremost country of the continent containing the special zone Zai which is said to be the “Mana Spring” that birthed the five Mana Stones.
Self-proclaimed true followers of the Rune God, the country calls its Brigandine the Brigandine of Sanctity.
Holy See Romanov worked towards reconciling Guimoule’s Mohana sect and Mana Saleesia’s Zai sect, but the two countries with vastly different faiths and histories stopped short of reaching a compromise, leading the continent into a new era of war and turmoil.


Brigandine: The Legend of Runersia will come to the Nintendo Switch in Spring 2020.

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