Nintendo Switch

BurgerTime Party! Introduces The Series’ First-Ever Four-Player Multiplayer



The BurgerTime series has been around since 1982 for arcades and for the its latest release, BurgerTime Party! for the Nintendo Switch, will be the first to ever offer 4-player multiplayer. G-Mode shared details on the upcoming eShop title.




With it being the first BurgerTime to feature 4-player multiplayer, it adds to the cooperative aspect with a new “Rescue System” element where you can go and rescue allies that have fallen against enemies.




There’s also a new “Stage Gimmick” element. These include floors that fire up, collapsing floors, icy bridges, conveyer belts, and more Stage Gimmicks.




While it might sound like everything from monsters to the stages themselves are out to get you, there are helpful support items such as the hot chili pepper that allows you to spit fire and the nuggets that can temporarily immobilize enemies. There are all kinds of different items to use to your advantage.


BurgerTime Party! releases for Nintendo Switch in Japan in 2019.

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