Call of Dragons Announced by Farlight Games

Call of Dragons

Farlight Games, which handled the global release of the gacha RPG Dislyte, announced its next project. It’s called Call of Dragons, and is a real-time strategy game. It’s developed by Legou, which created Rise of Kingdoms, another mobile strategy game. Pre-registration is open via the official website.

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Call of Dragons bills itself as an MMO-style strategy game that takes place on a “massive, infinitely zoomable map” in real time. Players are given control over their own faction and tasked with building up their village and armies. They’ll be able to battle solo and in cooperative play with other players. Some co-op modes involve fighting massive raid bosses, involving up to 40 other players. PVP is involved too, as players compete and battle directly with their legions.

Check out a preview trailer for Call of Dragons below.

The game is set in the fantasy world of Tamaris, where players will quest and battle. Quests and exploration yield rewards, like Song Fragments that unlock story details and lore, or rare upgrade items and equipment for their hero units. They’ll also tame dragons to use as mounts, summon into battle, or field directly in their armies during Call of Dragons matches.

In the longer term, players can also form large alliances with other Call of Dragons players, pooling resources and cooperating in large-scale events.

Call of Dragons is in development for Android and iOS devices. Its global launch is scheduled for 2022.

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