Capcom Reveals A “Through The Glass Experience” Visual Novel, Imprisoned Palm



Capcom recently teased a smartphone app aimed towards girl, and today they officially announced Imprisoned Palm, a “through the glass experience” visual novel.


The genre of Imprisoned Palm is listed as a “through the glass experience adventure” game. In the game, the player will get to read into the closed off memories and heart of Haruto, a young man named Haruto (CV: Yuichiro Umehara) who is imprisoned in an internment camp located on a solitary island.


The game will feature six episodes with the episodes being released weekly in drama-like fashion. The trailer shows Haruto locked up and communicating with the player, who will learn more about his memories along with Haruto. You’ll get to explore different parts of the island and communicate with its people in visual novel fashion.


You can watch Haruto in his cell and communicate with him through the smartphone as though you’re on the other side of a glass wall. In the video, they demonstrate a tapping on the screen where he says “ah, I can’t see if your hand is in the way. Come closer. More, I want to get a better look at your face. Why… though I’m so close, I still can’t look inside your heart.”


Imprisoned Palm will launch in Japan sometime in the next few days for Android and iOS.

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