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Capcom Showed Off 2 Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Armor Sets

Capcom Showed Off 2 Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Armor Sets

New monsters means new armor sets and weapons in Monster Hunter games, and Capcom offered a look at two new ones that will appear in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak. The suits involve items gathered from the Garangolm and Lunagaron. In each case, every character’s set appears.

First, here is the Garangolm Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak armor set. It begins with a look at the male hunter outfit, before moving on to the female hunter. The Palamute armor makes one look like a horse. As for the Palico, its set of armor resembles a golem.

Next is the Lunagaron sets. Once again, it starts with the hunters before moving on to the Palamute and Palico. These armor sets tend to have parts on the head that resemble ears and tails.

These aren’t the first Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak armor sets revealed. Capcom also shared some of the deluxe edition and pre-order ones people can get. The Deluxe Edition includes the Dragonsbane Hunter armor for humans, C Hound one for Palamutes, and F Devout set for Palicos. If people pre-order, they get the Palico Striped Cat Costume and Palamute Loyal Dog Costume.

Monster Hunter Rise is available for the Nintendo Switch and PC, and the Sunbreak expansion will arrive on June 30, 2022. 

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