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See the Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Pre-Order Layered Armor Outfits

monster hunter rise sunbreak buddy

Players who pre-order Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak will be able to unlock a dog and cat layered armor outfits for their Palico and Palamute. There is also a short video on the Monster Hunter Twitter account showing how they look in game. Since these are cosmetics, they will not affect how the Buddies work in-game.

The Palamute cosmetic looks like a very large Shiba Inu, while the Palico outfit looks like an actual calico cat. The Palico also has its katana strapped to its back. As they are pre-order bonuses, they are not naturally a part of the Sunbreak expansion, unless Capcom sells them as separate DLC in the future. The video also shows the player character playing with the two, as well as camping with them.

You can watch the Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak layered armor here:

Capcom announced the concrete release date for Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak during its March 15, 2022 Twitch broadcast. During the stream, it also showed off new monsters and characters. Sunbreak will be the game’s first expansion pack. While Palicos are a series staple, Palamutes first appeared in Rise as rideable allies.

Monster Hunter Rise is available for the Nintendo Switch and Windows PC. The Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak expansion pack will come out on June 30, 2022.

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