Capcom’s Classic Arcade Game Buster Bros. Is Being Revived As Pang Adventures



DotEmu and Pastagames are reviving Capcom’s classic 1989 arcade game Buster Bros. (Pang in Europe, or Pomping World in Japan) for PC, consoles, and mobile with the new title Pang Adventures.


Apparently, this new version of the game has been approved by the arcade game’s creators at Mitchell Corporation and will “maintain the original spirit of the game while delivering some surprises and new features.”


If you don’t remember, Buster Bros. had you helping two brothers stop balloons from attacking the world’s landmarks. They came armed with a harpoon that they shot vertically, and should the balloons bounce into the harpoon or the rope it left behind, they would split into two smaller balloons. You kept popping the balloons until the screen was clear.


Across the game’s 50 stages, the levels would become harder by adding patterns of floating platforms that would obstruct the fired harpoon’s upward path.  But, to help you out, there were power-ups including a twin harpoon, a grappling hook, and a rapid-firing gun. The game started you out defending Mt. Fiji in Japan but spanned Paris, Antarctica, Easter Island, London, Leningrad, Barcelona, and more locations.

Chris Priestman