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Catch This Glorious Grim Fandango Retrospective With The Game’s Developers



Gamers everywhere were surprised at the announcement by Double Fine Studios that they were re-mastering legendary adventure game Grim Fandango for PlayStation 4, PS Vita and other platforms. Now, we’ve got a new video from Sony’s PlayStation YouTube channel with twelve minutes of Tim Schafer and some of the devs discussing the game in a glorious retrospective.


And we do mean retro, with the video even plumbing back into old school recordings done back during the original game’s days. Scattered through it are also some thoughts on the studio’s plans on how to update the game.


Keep an ear out, as there are plenty of golden nuggets tucked into the video. The first is just seconds in, with Tim noting he probably hadn’t touched the game “since 1998”. Another includes a piece by Tim near the 9:10 mark that the original PC version actually managed to make its internal sell numbers. We shan’t spoil the rest.


Grim Fandango will be headed to the Sony PlayStation 4 and Vita.