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Catherine: Full Body’s New ‘Safety’ Difficulty Introduces How It Cushions The Player


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Atlus has updated the main site for Catherine: Full Body with new information and videos covering the game’s new ‘Safety’ difficulty and its arranged stages.


First, Safety and Easy have several support options to help out players, but Safety difficulty goes several step further by taking away the time limit, disabling traps, and making it impossible to get a game over. If you get really desperate, you can even skip the puzzles entirely.


Here are the four new support options in action:



This option is only available on Safety and Easy difficulty.


Auto Undo


Auto Undo is usable in any difficulty mode other than Hard.


Retry Assist


Get revived at the same spot you died.


Show Lines


A handy feature that shows where you can climb to when you’re hanging onto a ledge.


Arrange Mode

arrange 1

arrange 2


As mentioned before, the Arrange Mode will change up the layouts of the stages, effectively doubling the amount of game to play. There are even new types of blocks that will appear in this mode! Veterans can come back to this game for a fresh experience.


catherine full body 11

catherine full body 12 catherine full body 13

catherine stages


Also, as mentioned before, depending on your choices made, you might just get to play completely new stages that weren’t in the previous game.


Catherine: Full Body releases in Japan on February 14, 2019 for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. The game releases in the West in 2019.

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