Final Fantasy VII Remake and Hideo Kojima Win at CEDEC Awards 2020

CEDEC Awards 2020 winners - Final Fantasy 7 Remake

The CESA announced the winners of CEDEC Awards 2020. The Excellency Awards in four different categories were given to the development teams of Final Fantasy VII RemakeAnimal Crossing: New Horizons, Ring Fit Adventure, and Capcom’s RE Engine. Hideo Kojima also won this year’s Special Award.

You can read more about the award winners right below:

CEDEC Awards 2020 – Excellency Award for Engineering

The Excellency Award for Engineering was given to Capcom; specifically, the team that held the Capcom Open Conference RE:2019 and the developer team of the RE Engine. Capcom held its own conference where it showcased the internally-made game engine, and it also garnered attention from other engineers.

Capcom’s teams were praised for not only having a high technical skill to be able to develop an internal game engine but also for contributing to the industry’s technological growth by holding the conference. The RE Engine was used on Resident Evil 7 and Devil May Cry 5, as well as the upcoming Resident Evil Village.

CEDEC Awards 2020 winners - RE Engine Resident Evil 7

CEDEC Awards 2020 – Excellency Award for Game Design

Ring Fit Adventure‘s development team won the Excellency Award for Game Design. The team developed a unique ring-shaped device and even elevating it into game design.

It offered the one and only experience of changing the player’s actual life by transcending the normal gameplay frames, such as leisure and hobby. The newest game design, which keeps health in mind, has shown an enormously big direction.

CEDEC Awards 2020 winners - Ring Fit Adventure

CEDEC Awards 2020 – Excellency Award for Sound

Final Fantasy VII Remake‘s sound team won the Excellency Award for Sound. The music production was so polished up that players can naturally sense various arrangements of the music without getting bored, by using a seamless/linear switch linked with the player’s actions.

Also praised were the production of sound effects that made full use of space and dynamics, as well as the work on the procedural playback system using the internal development system MASTS that gives a sense of physical immersion.

CEDEC Awards 2020 winners - Final Fantasy 7 Remake

CEDEC Awards 2020 – Excellency Award for Visual Arts

Animal Crossing: New Horizons‘ development team won the Excellency Award for Visual Arts for producing an overwhelmingly huge amount of assets with a plentiful variety that let each player create their own unique world.

Despite having a pop world setting, New Horizons was created by keeping reality in mind, such as physics, ecosystem, and architecture.

CEDEC Awards 2020 winners - Animal Crossing New Horizons

Special Award

This year’s Special Award was given to Hideo Kojima, who was first known for directing the Metal Gear series, which established the stealth game genre and always used leading-edge technology to charm fans with cinematic presentations and storylines.

Kojima’s latest title, Death Stranding, became widely talked about due to its brand-new concept while still retaining his own literary style, and even won various game awards from all around the world. He continues to excite users and developers alike by always working on titles that are leading the industry.

CEDEC Awards 2020 winners - Hideo Kojima Death Stranding

You can also check out the winners of the older 2018 CEDEC Awards. As for 2019, the Engineering award was won by Perforce, the Visual Arts award by Atlus’ Masayoshi Sudo of Persona fame, the Game Design award by Nintendo Labo, the Sound award by Ace Combat 7, and the Special Award was given to Masahiro Sakurai of Kirby and Super Smash Bros fame.

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