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Chaos Rings III Is About The Journey To A Mythical Blue Planet



Square Enix recently shared a first look at Chaos Rings III: Prequel Trilogy, the PlayStation Vita’s version of Chaos Rings III. The official website also shared a few new details including the game’s story and details on two key characters.


New Paleo is a coastal city located on the floating continent found in the vast skies. It is here, where adventurers from around the world gather for their dreams and desires… in order to get to the far-off heavens, the planet “Marble Blue”.


Treasure, unexplored areas, mystical creatures, and myths, the blue planet has everything adventurers could ask for, making it very well worth risking their lives.


In a small town located far away from the city, lived Nasca, along with his younger sister and livestock. After hearing a mysterious voice which led Nasca to the garden, he meets a beautiful lady.



She tells him: “You must go…. to the mother planet that shines in the heavens—Marble Blue”.


A world that has yet to be discovered, with treasures that can grant any wish. A myth that will be talked about until the end of time. It is here, where the grand journey of a thousand years of thoughts, begins.





Nasca is a 16-year old boy who lives with his sister Patty on the floating island Sierra located in the second satellite called Thea. After finding himself in a mysterious garden, and meeting a beautiful lady, he decides to go to the Marble Blue.


Since he was a young child, it’s been his dream to find the “Paradisos,” a mythical paradise that is considered Marble Blue’s biggest mystery.




Leary is a young girl who decides to take the Explorer License exam together with the protagonist. While living in the suburbs of the floating island New Paleo, her father and only blood relative, got taken away by an unknown person. Leary then decides to go to Marble Blue, to seek her father and the criminal who took him away.


Chaos Rings III is slated for release in Japan on October 16, 2014 for PlayStation Vita, iOS, and Android.

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