Charmixy: Witch Academy Brings A Touch Of Puzzle Bobble To Witch Duels



Charmixy: Witch Academy, an upcoming puzzle-combat adventure, comes across as a mix of Puzzle Bobble and Harry Potter … if, that is, Harry Potter was about an all-girls witch school.


It’s currently on Kickstarter where its creators are hoping to raise $15,000 to fund its development in time for a launch in October 2016 on smartphones. However, perhaps other platforms are possible, considering that its alpha demo is currently available to download for PC.


Anyway, Charmixy has you playing as a girl who thought herself as non-magical but stumbles into Edelwhite Academy through its magic mirror, which is an ability only witches have. So, perhaps she is magical. Either way, she ends up training to be a witch.



This opens up the opportunity for plenty of witch duels and that is where the main puzzle-combat of Charmixy kicks in. Playing like Puzzle Bobble, you and your opponent occupy one half of the screen each. The idea is to match tiles in order to clear the way to your opponent’s Victory Hearts that sit at the top of the screen. Once you’ve reached them, you can then use your four charms to hopefully deplete the hearts and win.


It’s not always other students that you’ll be facing, though. As you progress through the game, you’ll end up discovering the mysteries hidden away in the Academy, and encountering some unfriendly monsters.

Chris Priestman