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Chocobo GP Will Feature At Least 20 Playable Characters

Chocobo GP Characters

During Square Enix’s Tokyo Game Show 2021 panel featuring Chocobo GP, game director Akihiko Maeda revealed that the upcoming racing game will include at least 20 characters. While Maeda did not specify which characters will be included, he later asked fans what Final Fantasy characters they’d like to see in the game.

Additionally, the presentation features in-depth information about Chocobo GP‘s gameplay mechanics. These include leveling up magics like Fira to Firaga, as well as some character-specific abilities. Players can pick up iconic magic spells such as Aero, Fira, Doom, and even MBarrier while racing through courses. Maeda notes that when players use these spells, a special marker will appear above their heads. This gives nearby players a heads-up to get out of the way or counter them with a well-timed MBarrier.

A submitted question asked Maeda about the possibility of future DLC maps and characters if Chocobo GP performs well. He stated that it was “a good question” but did not answer. However, Maeda did mention that there would be at least 20 playable characters that Square Enix would reveal at a later date. Notably, Maeda did not specify whether all 20 characters would be included on launch.

You can check out the official Square Enix TGS 2021 presentation live stream below.

Chocobo GP will release for the Nintendo Switch sometime in 2022.

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