Visual novel publisher Sekai Project have set up a Kickstarter campaign for their ongoing localization of Key’s Clannad, which they hope to bring to Steam once it is complete. The campaign is seeking $140,000 in contributions.


Sekai say their release of Clannad will include the original Japanese voices, and that they’re turning to Kickstarter because of the costs associated with translating a 50-hour game and covering the associated royalties. Here’s a rough breakdown of where all that Kickstarter money will go:


  • 10% goes to Kickstarter fees and credit card fees
  • 40% goes to translation and editing costs
  • 50% goes to voice costs as well as physical goods production and shipping.


Sekai say they will release Clannad digitally, but that contributors that pledge $50 to the project will be able to avail a physical copy of the game. Plans for a DRM-free edition are still being discussed.  Additionally, the 80-page Clannad fanbook is also being translated.


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