Clock Tower-esque Survival Horror Game Clea Emphasizes Wits Over Jumpscares


clea 1

Indie developer InvertMouse is making a 2D survival horror game called Clea, where the titular protagonist is forced to escape the family mansion while hiding and finding ways around hostile enemies called Chaos Servants. Along the way, Clea will obtain memory orbs that unlock dark family secrets found in bonus chapters.


According to InvertMouse:

“In Clea, players must outsmart their hunters in a twisted round of hide and seek. The game emphasizes this 1 on 1 battle of wits rather than cheap jump scares. Your foe will develop new tactics as you progress; bursting out of closets, sneaking from behind—players shall find no peace.”


A prototype for Clea is currently available on the official website. Players who submit detailed feedback by December 31, 2018 have a chance of being mentioned under the ‘Special Thanks’ section. You can find more info on how to submit feedback here.


InvertMouse mentioned that the prototype for Clea is game for YouTubers and streamers if they want to record it. They also mentioned that the Linux version of the Clea prototype had some last minute issues, and thus is not available yet.


Here are some screenshots below:

clea 2

clea 3 clea 4

clea 5 clea 6


More features are set to be revealed as development goes on. Clea is currently scheduled to release in mid-2019 for PC via Steam.

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