Colopl Rune Story Characters Invade Brave Frontier In Crossover Event



Inquisitor duo Randolph and Ravenna (pictured above) from Colopl Rune Story will be available at the Summoning Gate in Brave Frontier starting February 12th until February 17th.


They manifest as offense-heavy warriors and have extra skills if they appear on the same squad together in Brave Frontier.


The reason they’re being added during those dates is to coincide with Valentine’s Day as the pair are a couple. “The two star-crossed lovers, on their tragic wedding day, awoke wounded and their beloved slain. With their memories tainted with tragedy, the two venture out in Grand Gaia on their own in their quest for vengeance,” explains Brave Frontier developer gumi Inc.


But this isn’t all the crossover content you can expect from these two RPGs. You can also acquire Colopl Rune Story’s mage Mira (pictured above) in Brave Frontier if you log in to the game five times or more from January 30th until February 8th.


“Mira is a nun devoted to evangelism and on the lookout for new followers,” explains gumi. “Known as the ‘Sister of Beansprouts,’ she is skilled in the art of healing and the calling of lightning. Players can use this spellbinding sorceress in their squad as a healer and an offensive support unit.”


We ain’t finished yet. Starting February 7th until February 13th will be the Prosperity Brawl in Brave Frontier. “Players can fight beasts including as the Lubradine, the Auspicious Dragon, and the Auspicious Phoenix to earn valuable loot and drops for powering up their squads.”


Plus, later on, Colopl Rune Story will get Brave Frontier content as part of the crossover. This includes receiving Scarlet Hood Ciara and Frolic Emperor Kira for free in Colopl Rune Story, and a new online co-op quest themed on Brave Frontier.

Chris Priestman