Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars Releasing On Steam On August 16



Spike Chunsoft announced that they’re bringing the latest of their baby-making RPG series with Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars to PC on Steam on August 16, 2016.


About Conception II:

The magical world of Aterra has been under attack by monsters for decades.
The only ones who can stand against these monsters are “Disciples,” young men and women gifted with divine powers of purification, and otherworldly Star Children created via the bonds between male and female disciples.
As a new disciple, it falls to you to create Star Children with seven of the most powerful girls in the world and save Aterra.


Conception II Features:

  • A world-spanning story filled with charming characters
    Form unbreakable bonds with the seven different girls and interact with other disciples of the academy in order to build strength to rid the world of dusk.


  • Challenge the labyrinths with the girls of the academy
    The dusk circles are packed with enemies and traps that await you. These dungeons change shape every time you enter, making every excursion a new challenge. Fight alongside the heroines and your Star Children to purify these places of the monsters!


  • Strengthen your bonds and create mightier star children
    Improving your relationships with the female disciples will allow you to create stronger star children. Use your time at the academy to build strong friendships with them and form powerful bonds of trust. The stronger your bonds are, the more powerful the girls will become in battle as well!


  • Create teams with up to 30 different star children classes
    There are a wide variety of classes for your star children to be. Each class has different skills to train in and attacks to use. Having many different types of classes at your disposal will let you create all sorts of different strategies!



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Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars is currently available on PlayStation Vita and Nintendo 3DS.

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