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Conception Plus Adds New Features But Gets Rid Of Touch Communication And Ad-Hoc Features



Spike Chunsoft shared the latest details for Conception Plus with a look at what’s new in the enhanced version. The company also revealed that its Touch Communication feature has been removed.


Arfie (CV: Ai Kakuma)




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Arfie was first introduced in the Conception anime and will make her debut as the thirteenth Star Maiden in Conception Plus. Check here for more details on Arfie and her role in the upcoming expanded remaster.


Mahiru Konatsuki (CV: Emiri Kato)




The main heroine Mahiru Konatsuki previously had a tsundere personality in the original PSP game and was pretty mean to the main character Itsuki. Many fans felt that she was mean enough to the point that it didn’t seem like she was the main heroine. For that reason, Spike Chunsoft gave her a more mild and pleasant personality. Read more on that in our previous report.




The next new element in the remaster are the enhanced Rite of Love scenes. The original version showed the silhouettes of the Star Maiden but as shown in the above screenshots they’re more visible. They’ll appear even more visible with longer scenes the higher your bond is with the Star Maiden.




Conception Plus adds a new database that allows you to check out 3D models of Star Maidens, Star Children, the protagonist, and Star Maiden voices. You’ll also get to check out events that have been cleared at any time.


Additionally, Spike Chunsoft revealed that it will upload your Star Children at random so that they can be downloaded by other players based on their levels. This allows players to occasionally get extra powerful Star Children.


Conception (4)

Conception (3)

There are a couple big features from the original version of the game that won’t be in the remaster. The first is the pairing system that allowed players to use the PSP Ad-hoc to connect with local players and perform the Rite of Love with the Star Children from their games.


As for the next removed feature, the Touch Communication feature was brought up in previous reports but it has since then been removed due to “various circumstances.” The Touch Communication feature was introduced in the PSP version of the game that allowed players to touch the Star Maiden during conversation events. Spike Chunsoft says they unfortunately had to remove it due to various circumstances in the end, and apologize to those who were looking forward to it, but they’ll be doing their best to find a way to get it in the game.


Lastly, a few other functions that improve overall gameplay as well as small changes and balance adjustments have been made for the game.


Conception Plus: Please Deliver My Child! releases for PlayStation 4in Japan on January 31, 2019. Check out more on the game’s original 12 Star Maiden in our previous report.

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