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Conception Plus Producer On Adding Arfie, And Touch Feature Removal


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Conception Plus producer Yoshinori Terasawa recently was interviewed at Taipei Game Show 2019, where he touched upon the removal of touching features, adding Arfie as a thirteenth Star Maiden, and whether there are any plans for DLC. [Thanks, Bahamut!]


Here are the highlights below:

While the game is originally about creating Star Children with the Star Maidens, Arfie herself is a Star Child. Why was this character background decided upon?


Yoshinori Terasawa, Producer: “Because Arfie is a new additional character, when we were deciding her character we already wanted to separate her from the other Star Maidens. I told my thoughts to the scenario writer, and they decided upon this character setting in order to write a touching story that is completely different from the other Star Maidens’.”


From what is has been revealed, it was mentioned that the Touch Communication feature will be removed from the PS4 version. What are your thoughts, and is there any way this can be reverted?

Terasawa: (wry laugh) “Sorry, but I can’t comment on this aspect, but as has been stated, we will continue to try to implement it in the future.”


Any plans for additional DLC?

Terasawa: “None currently, but if the game does well, we might consider remaking the second game or making a new game.”


Conception Plus: Please Deliver My Child! releases for PlayStation 4 in Japan on January 31, 2019. Check out more on the game’s new features in our previous report here.

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