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Conception Plus Teaches The Basics Of The Baby-Making RPG With New Screenshots



Spike Chunsoft is bringing their 2012 PSP baby-making RPG, Conception: Please Deliver My Child! to PS4 as a remaster this Winter in Japan. Here’s what it’s about, with a look at new screenshots.



Itsuki Yuge is summoned as the Marebito, the messiah destined to save the magical world of Granvania from peril. Only the Marebito, the 12 Star Maidens, and their offspring Star Children can expel the evil energy known as “Kegare” that is spreading across the world. Itsuki, together with his kids, will take on the stardust labyrinths to purify the Kegare.



The Star Children who will help fight against the Kegare are born between Itsuki and the twelve Star Maidens. By deepening your bond with the Star Maiden through communication, they’ll give birth to even more powerful Star Children, so it’ll be important to getting closer to the Maidens.



By getting closer to the Star Maidens, they’ll also open up and talk about secrets or their past.




As for the battle system, you’ll have up to 13 characters in your party with three teams of four Star Children and Itsuki himself. It’s a turn-based battle that emphasizes a position-heavy system. For example, you can hit enemies from behind or other weak positions to have the advantage in battles.



If you’re wondering how these Star Children are actually born, involves Itsuki and a Star Maiden poueing their soul into a Matryoshka, which then gives birth to a Star Child. The abilities of the Star Children vary based on the bond with Star Maidens and the type of Matryoshka that is used.



Star Children stats also vary based on the Star Maiden, so you might need to consider different Star Maidens when you want a Star Child to be of a certain job class that is needed for the party, and such.


Conception Plus: Please Deliver My Child! releases for PlayStation 4 in Japan in Winter 2018.

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