Coromon Demo and Gameplay Features Revealed in New Trailer

Coromon Demo

Freedom Games released a new Coromon trailer containing game footage, details about features, and an announcement for a free Coromon demo. The trailer first appeared in The MIX’s Game Dev Direct showcase alongside titles like SkateBIRD but is now available separately on the Freedom Games YouTube page.

Coromon is set in a technologically advanced world where humans and monsters known as Coromon coexist. Much like in Pokemon, players take control of a human character who explores the world forming alliances with trainable monsters. In terms of story, the protagonist in Coromon is a researcher who has to stop a group that wants to release dark forces into the world.

The game will include modes and systems that are both new and familiar to the monster training genre. Players can use their Coromon to battle other Coromon or navigate puzzle-filled dungeons. They can customize their character and Coromon. The trailer mentions difficulty options, multi-phase boss battles, and randomizers. Coromon also contains built-in Nuzlocke modes that pay homage to a player-created Pokémon mode.

Coromon releases on PC in Summer 2021. The developer aims to release the iOS and Android versions of the game in 2021, as  the Coromon demo is immediately available on its official website. Coromon is also available in early access on Android and as a beta on iOS.

Benjamin Maltbie
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