Crisis Core FFVII Turk Cissnei Joins Dissidia FFOO

Crisis Core FFVII Turk Cissnei Joins Dissidia FFOO

A third member of the Turks is now available in Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia. Following an update, people can play through Act 3, Chapter 7, Part 2. If they do that (or summon one of her weapons from the new banner), people can add Cissnei from Crisis Core FFVII to their Dissidia FFOO team.

Cissnei is a ranged attacker in Dissidia FFOO, which falls in line with her Crisis Core FFVII and Before Crisis FFVII. She uses shurikens. Her story draw banner features the 90CP Yoidzuki with the LD ability Shooting Star. Her 70CP Rekka with the EX Fortune Star is also available through it. So are her 35 CP Soga and 15 CP Sanho Shuriken.

As far as base abilities go, Cissnei’s moveset includes Bladeglint and Threatening Ember. The former is an attack that deals BRV and HP damage. It also applies the Wild Rekka status, which increases ATK and mBRV power and lets Cissnei perform follow-up attacks after allies. Threatening Ember also deals BRV and HP damage. As part of it, it also hits enemies surrounding the target. Like Bladeglint, it is tied to Wild Rekka. It increases its level.

Here’s a trailer showing Cissnei (and Zack) in-game.

There is also a costume available for Cissnei based on her Crisis Core FFVII appearance. For $36.99, people can get a Chic Wardrobe Chest that includes 9,000 Gems and her swimsuit extra costume. In the past, Zack got a swimsuit costume as well.
Crisis Core FFVII Turk Cissnei Joins Dissidia FFOO

Two other members of the Turks are playable in Dissidia FFOO. People can also recruit Reno and Rude.

Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia is available for Android and Apple iOS devices. Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII can be played on the PlayStation Portable.

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