Cute Hero Summoning Game Tiny Guardians Is Coming To PC


Malyasian studio Kurechii is bringing its “tower defence game without towers” Tiny Guardians to PC through Steam Greenlight. The game is already to purchase for iOS on the App Store and Android on Google Play.


It has you playing as Lunalie as she sets off on an adventure to find her missing Master. Fortunately, Lunalie isn’t alone, as she carries with her Ruemas cards, which let her summon heroes to her aide.

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When confronted by the game’s cute cast of enemies, you summon the classes best suited to take them on, and hope that it’s enough to prevent them from reaching Lunalie.


There are 12 classes in total with four upgrades each while the enemies come in over 40 different types that require a different combination of strategies to be defeated.

Chris Priestman