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Cyber Dimension Neptune Shares A Glimpse Of Neptune And Friends In Latest Footage



Compile Heart showcased the latest look at their upcoming PS4 RPG, Four Goddesses Online: Cyber Dimension Neptune, during a recent live stream by Dengeki PlayStation. Here’s a look at what was shown.


At the 17:23 mark, we get to see some in-development footage showing Neptune, Noire, Vert, and Blanc doing some field exploring and participating in its high-speed battles. The footage also shows some other characters with the younger sisters in Nepgear, Uni, Rom, and Ram.


Additionally, series illustrator Tsunako shared a little teaser saying that they have a surprise for the upcoming Dengeki PlayStation Premium Event Winter 2017, which takes place on January 29, 2017, and says that the surprise will be something more than you’d expect.


Four Goddesses Online: Cyber Dimension Neptune releases in Japan on February 9, 2017 for PlayStation 4.

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