Cygames Establishes Offices in America and Europe

Cygames Europe North America
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Cygames announced that it has set up international branches in North America and Europe. Cygames America is in the US, whereas Cygames Europe is in England. The purpose of Cygames America and Europe appear to be for marketing and promotional purposes rather than game development.

The international popularity of Cygames started in 2016 with the release of Shadowverse. Other overseas include ones in South Korea and in Taiwan. About half of the global gaming market exists in North America and Europe, which is why the company will branch out there in order to further promote its games.

Cygames America is specifically in Los Angeles and it has $700,000 in capital stock. Its main duties include marketing and licensing. Cygames Europe is in London, and it has a capital stock of about 500,000 GBP. Like its sister office in California, it will handle marketing and licensing, as well as other related tasks. With a stronger foothold in the western market, this could lead to the localization and eventual release of some Japan-exclusive games, such as the financial juggernaut Uma Musume: Pretty Derby.

Now that Cygames set up offices in America and Europe, time will tell how the company will expand in these two territories with its current and future games.

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