Shadowverse Uma Musume Collaboration Announced

Shadowverse Uma Musume Collaboration Announced

Cygames announcedShadowverse Uma Musume crossover event. It will bring several horse girls to the Japanese version of Shadowverse. Cygames confirmed the addition of three characters, with more set to appear at a later date. The company will release more information about the collaboration during the 22nd Shadowverse channel livestream.

Cygames announced the collaboration event during the first day of the 4th official Uma Musume “Special Dreamers!!” in-person event. Alongside the collaboration announcement, new information about upcoming figures, merchandise, and in-game events also appeared. While details are scarce, the collaboration teaser trailer offered a glimpse at a few of the confirmed characters set to appear.

As of writing, three characters are set to appear in Shadowverse. These include horse girls Special Week, Silence Suzuka, and Tokai Teio. Special Week will be a Dragoncraft card, Silence Suzuka will be a Forestcraft card, and Tokai Teio will be a Swordcraft card. Each character’s respective voice actress will also reprise her role during the collaboration event. The event will also add new leader skins.

Cygames owns both the Shadowverse and Uma Musume franchises. Various other game franchises have also collaborated with Shadowverse in the past, such as NieR: Automata and Fate/Stay Night.

Both Shadowverse and Uma Musume: Pretty Derby are available to play on iOS and Android devices in Japan. There is no confirmed start date for the collaboration event. More information is set to appear in the upcoming Shadowverse 22nd livestream special event.

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