Cytus Developer Releases Stylish Action Game Implosion – Never Lose Hope



Taiwanese studio Rayark Inc. has launched its sci-fi hack-‘n’-slasher Implosion – Never Lose Hope on the iOS App Store. It’ll cost you $9.99. It’ll be available on Google Play for Android on April 16th.


In it, you play as humanity’s last weapon, a guy called Jake in a War-Mech series III battle suit. He’s sent down to the post-apocalyptic remnants of Earth a whole 20 years after humans were driven from it by invading forces. Down there, he encounters a mysterious force known as XADA that he has to battle in order to prove humanity isn’t through yet.



The combo system is the highlight here as it works especially well on the touchscreen—something that can’t be said for other games in the genre on mobile. As with, say, the Devil May Cry series, you’re able to perform rapid, balletic combos by tapping the attack button quickly. But, if you wait half a second between each blow you can perform different, more powerful combos.


This is all performed with a large sword and a gun. And you unlock new moves as you progress, which can be assigned to other buttons, that let you unleash more damage either in a specific direction or, perhaps, within a large area if you’re dealing with a crowd of mutants or mechs. Not only is the combo system satisfying and varied, then, but it’s also brought to life with smooth animations that see you spinning into a flurry of swords and metal, sparks flying every where. While the levels are five minutes long, they’re kept fresh with shifts in perspectives and large bosses to fight.


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Outside of the fighting system itself, you have high-quality cutscenes to watch, as well as Metal Gear Solid-esque dialogue between Jake and the people back at command. Oh, and there’s also an orchestral soundtrack provided by Grammy Award winner and The Lord of the Rings trilogy engineer John Kurlander.


If you want to know more about Implosion – Never Lose Hope and its world then check out its website.

Chris Priestman