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D3 Publisher Teases A PS4 And PS Vita Fantasy Game With An Orc-Dating Sim



D3 Publisher is all about the teasers, and the latest one comes from a new teaser site  that has an orc-dating sim and a countdown for the reveal of a new PS4 and PS Vita fantasy game.


The teaser called “Tokimeki Mecha Orc” features four beautiful orc girls with a story episode each day, and your goal is to provide the right answers accordingly to the given scenario.


In the scenario pictured above, you’ve asked a childhood friend if she’d like to walk home with you. She then responded with “I’d be embarrassed if people start rumors that we’re related if we walk home together…”


And your choices are:

  1. Never mind, that would be embarrassing.
  2. Then let’s invite other orc friends and go home together.
  3. We can exterminate our own families and we’d have nothing to worry about.



I first went with the third one since it sounded nice and orc-ish, but I got the bad ending.



However, option 2 is the correct answer, where Orc-ko says she wants to be more than childhood friends and confesses her love to you.


Of course this likely has nothing to do with the game D3 Publisher is about to reveal, but it’s always fun seeing what kind of teaser the company will think of next. The game is expected to be revealed in four days.

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